When you should replace your Barrel?

When to plan to replace your BARREL –PLUS our Barrel Health Checklist

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The rough rule of thumb as to when you should consider replacing your Barrel is 3-6 months out from when your Barrel looks like (or sounds like) it will be ready to give up the ghost! 3 months may be too late as the skin thickness may be too thin and could easily split by then. It all depends on how you maintain the Barrel and how hard it has been worked in the interim. This will determine its life span and likelihood of lasting beyond the normally expected term.

Demand for all Barrel types is at historic heights currently. To help us help you plan for your Barrel replacement, we recommend that you plan to replace your Barrel a minimum of 3-6 months out from any potential fail-point.

What we encounter regularly is the Owner operators come to us when the Barrel splits or is so close to it that it must be patched. This is the worst-case scenario that should be avoided to save you shelling out money for a short-term fix of no gain.

The smartest and most cost-effective way you can utilise to plan to replace your Barrel is to take a skin thickness test every 2-3 months after 1-2 years of Barrel purchase*. This will reveal the health of the skin thickness of your Barrel, especially around the critical mixing areas of the “dished end” (gearbox end). This test will tell you when you are likely to need to replace your Barrel.

At the beginning of a Barrel’s life the skin thickness will be around 3-4 mm. As you do your skin thickness tests and thickness test results show around 1.2 mm to 1mm or less – you will need to replace your Barrel in the coming months, to avoid the risk of Barrel splitting.

REMEMBER: Preventive maintenance and service planning is the key to extending the life of not only your Barrel, but agi parts on your mixer in general. This is the best way to $ave unnecessary spending on repairs further down the track.

Here’s a quick BARREL HEALTH CHECKLIST you can easily perform:

  1. Push on Barrel skin with your hands – check that your Barrel skin doesn’t pop like a soft-drink can (both by sight & sound). If it does – you’ve got a problem – as the skin is now at risk of splitting! Ideally Barrel should be of high-quality steel (Rheemalloy) OR Hardox – dependent on the work environment it operates in and the life of the barrel that you require.
  2. Do this manual check on Dished End and Centre-band mainly – is it wear-resistant?
  3. Remember to always washout after a load. Build up is concrete “cancer” and acts to stop the effective action of the mixing blades and markedly slows down Barrel rotation and effective operation.
  4. Check the welds around the Track Ring and centre bands to guard against barrel splitting.
  5. Check on the condition of the Dished End. Is it compromised in any way – is there any evidence of crumpling starting? The Dished End is where the Gearbox connects to the Barrel. Cesco Barrels have a reinforced, internal chamber that will act against any crushing or collapsing effect that could compromise the integrity of your Barrel.

When you are buying a Barrel – check the method of Design & Construction

The construction type of your Barrel should be based on an essential, engineered design construct through to manufactured Barrel finish that determines the quality of your Barrel and therefore it’s likely lifespan. The construction of Barrel cannot be understated.

If a design element in the construction of your Barrel doesn’t incorporate optimal mix uniformity, enabled by blade design and manufactured to meet the Australian Standard AS 1379-1991, then you will be getting a Barrel that doesn’t meet the high standards of design/construction and one that will not give you the guarantee to continue to pump out a long life, especially when under heavy load. Cesco Barrels meet the Australian Standard AS 1379-1991.

Mix Issues resulting from poor design

Often in the buy process the method of design/construct is an essential point of difference in Barrel design & construction that sometimes gets lost in a straight price-comparison assessment. This can lead to lower Barrel life with less mixing uniformity. You really aren’t comparing apples with apples (even through one may look as much like an apple as another)! You may have heard of or experienced Balling. Balling occurs where the product, particularly high-density mixes just won’t mix and “balls up” in a coagulated mass that must be dumped. Balling is a direct result of poor blade design and the only solution is a complete re-blade to a superior-designed blade system – such as Cesco’s pressed blades as a solution to another manufacturer’s previous poor blade design and Barrel fabrication.

Type of Barrel

You should choose the type of Barrel to suit the demands of your mixing environment – both now and as importantly what it may turn out to be in the next 2-3 years – i.e. what might be your new need based on increased capacity etc. This is an equally as important a consideration as is the design/construct method of manufacture of your Barrel. It is a sad reflection on some Barrel design types that we know of that some Barrels have been constructed from mild steel only. This will severely limit your barrel life. You should specify the highest steel grade of manufacture from the supplier.

When you are looking for the best type of Barrel, founded on engineered design & construct method you should look for one offering one of the highest steel gradings. Cesco Barrels are manufactured from a high-grade steel “Rheemalloy”, manufactured at our company manufacturing operations. This means that you will be guaranteed a Barrel, manufactured from a high-grade steel and importantly designed for an optimal mix operation to give you the longest-life barrel available on the market.

Cesco also features one of the best innovations in light weight steel design with our Hardox Barrel range, that boasts weight savings of 200kgs – 300kgs pending barrel size.

One of Cesco Australia’s most impressive and exclusive competitive advantage is its pressed blade system design. In fact, Cesco Barrels are the only ones in the industry with a world-first pressed blade system design. There is no need therefore to replace flights after 1-2 years as is common for most other Barrels. The Cesco Barrel is manufactured inclusive of 8 specific blade segments to complete the unique blade system – it provides a precise pitch and spiral to meet the toughest specifications and achieve efficient mixer quality. NB: We can guarantee mix uniformity up to 50mm slump.

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