engineering innovation cesco australiaInnovation and research are pivotal for Cesco’s commitment and culture to pursuit engineering excellence.

As a proud part of our history, Cesco innovation is the key driving force to continuously develop premium products to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. The in-house engineering department utilises the latest 3D CAD design systems, while Cesco’s specialised teams work closely with every client, to ensure the design, fabrication and commissioning to the highest standard and deliver the optimal solution to the customers.

The group maintains a strong culture of continuous engineering development and training for its technical team and adopts the most advanced methods and tools in design and manufacturing. In consolidation with our group’s wide range of expertise in mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, automation and precision engineering, Cesco Australia is integrated with a very solid and sustainable engineering foundation. Further, the globally recognised ISO 9001 quality accreditation is evident throughout the entire company, from administration, manufacturing to engineering, sales and customer service.

In the concrete mixer sector, the Cesco innovation represents a turning point for the construction history and help to meet the building demands of a dynamic and thriving nation. For over 50 years engineering innovation, Cesco has contributed to the most memorable design improvement in concrete mixer industry, which stands head and shoulders above its competitors:

Unique pressed blades designed for maximum efficiency and achieving the precise spiral and angle to produce a faster, more uniform mix, with a complete and fast discharge of the even the lowest slump concrete.

Utilising joggle joint seam in the barrel with a fillet weld, make it considerably stronger than the normal butt welded joint. The entire range of mixers are manufactured in jigs and dedicated fixtures, to ensure the consistent quality. It also guarantees the replacement components are manufactured to the same innovative design and dimensions as the original quality product, which allows for easy retrofitting and ongoing maintenance.

With many years experience supplying and servicing the construction, agricultural and mining industry, Cesco has developed solutions for handling products from concrete, grain, fertiliser, animal feeds, pulverised fly ash, through to quarry products, lime and ordinary Portland cement. If your company has a special use mixing application, Cesco Australia is always willing to design and build custom-made units to suit your requirement.

With Cesco’s growing diversification, its engineering innovation culture continues to expend to other industries, such as environmental friendly Deep Foundation Equipment and Blovac efficient and safe pneumatic products.

Cesco’s unique waste digester and biogas generator system is another showcase of engineering innovation designed to smartly handle various green waste and convert it to renewable energy and nutrient-rich fertilisers.

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