Melbourne Blast Booth

Our Hallam branch in Melbourne now offers in house sandblasting facilities. We can restore, prepare and protect all types of metal products. Our new blast booth facilities have eliminated the need to outsource to a third-party, providing our customers with a one stop shop and the confidence that we can handle the product from start to finish, eliminating added freight, time and expense.

cesco trailer before 1440x1080 1
cesco trailer after 1440x1080 1

We specialize in a wide variety of services in surface preparation and restoration. Our proven methods allow us to remove unwanted surface contaminants such as corrosion, paint and mortar, restoring surfaces to original condition and overall corrosion control at affordable rates.

Our Blast Booth has the capacity to take on the largest of projects as its access area is 3.5mtrs wide, 4mtrs tall and 10mtrs deep. We have blasted both old and new concrete mixers both on and off trucks, truck chassis inside and out. Semi Trailers, Tray Trucks, many building structures and a variety of other equipment to customer specifications.

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