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Mars Concrete

Outer space colonization is not just a movie plot anymore. Step by step a whole machinery is being developed around a concept that may be closer than we think. 3D printing as a construction technique in Mars is one of the breakthrough proposals which could help achieve that, and now, according to a research team at the Northwestern University (Illinois),… Read More

Breaking News…

Building Recovery Forecast The downturn in the Australian building sector will bottom out this financial year with Queensland forecast to play a major role in the recovery. Leading building market analyst and economic forecaster BIS Oxford Economics found national building commencements contracted by about 12 per cent in 2018-19 to AUD$109.8 billion from the record peak reached in the previous… Read More


Breaking News …. BRAND NEW SANDBLASTER OPENING AT OUR HALLAM BRANCH IN EARLY AUGUST 2019!! Give your Agi a Make-Over and get it back like new! Abrasive blasting is the most significant and important process for the thorough cleaning of steel. The method suits the removal of paint, mill scale and rust from steel. Cesco uses high grade abrasive garnet… Read More

Introducing the WEIGHT$AVER by Cesco Australia, the Market Leader

Cesco Australia limited is proud to release to the Australian market our NEW 7.6m3 WEIGHT$AVER mixer. After consulting with our customers and during that process receiving constructive input, finding out what your exact needs are and then focusing on just how we would achieve a successful outcome for all. A continuous improvement project was initiated approximately 18 months ago. The… Read More

A New Partnership …

The market innovative LowRider Frameless Mixer from Cesco mounted on the sturdy platform of the Mack Metroliner. The LowRider gives the astute Agi operator unique safety & operating advances as well as a ROI that no other mixer can provide! Here’s what Dean Kumnick, Sales Manager of South Qld. Trucks had to say about the Mack Metroliner and the LowRider combinationin a recent post… Read More

The Economix Semi Agitator

Economix has been supplying concrete to commercial, industrial and residential customers in Victoria for over 30 years. Concrete is not the only game in town for this diverse company – also featuring building supplies, precast and decorative concrete. To increase their capability for project, bigger pours, Economix came to Cesco to add the Big Daddy Trailer Mixer to their fleet… Read More

Graphene ‘a game-changer’ in making building with concrete greener

Form of carbon incorporated into concrete created stronger, more water-resistant composite material that could reduce emissions. The novel “supermaterial” graphene could hold the key to making one of the oldest building materials greener, new scientific research suggests. Graphene has been incorporated into traditional concrete production by scientists at the University of Exeter, developing a composite material which is more than… Read More

Retrofit 2003 Mack Concrete Truck Agitator

Mr Electric of Newcastle became involved in the following retrofit of a new agitator into a 2003 Mack concrete truck purely by accident. Whilst attending to contracted work at Newcastle Ready Mix Pty Ltd, I was brought into a conversation regarding a broken concrete truck and asked if I might look at it and to see if I might have… Read More

From Croc to Cape

The Start of the Project The location is Bamaga Australia, one of Australia’s last frontiers. We are connected to the outside world by internet and phone. There is what you might call a road to Cairns. Our nearest McDonald’s store is 1000klm south on a wild 600klm long red dirt track. All our supplies arrive once a week on a… Read More

Turn for the Better

One of the major drivers for development of Cesco’s ground-breaking, new Frameless Low Rider mixer unit has been to reduce the risk of roll-overs, in the design of a safer, more stable and uniquely-mounted agi unit. In the November issue of Owner Driver, Steve Brooks in his article ‘Turn for the Better’ reports on the significant benefits & advances that the Frameless… Read More