Powering up new jobs

Government’s employment goal in $68b low-emission energy plan by Matthew Killoran in The Courier Mail, Tuesday September 22, 2020 Up to 130,000 new jobs could be created as part of… Read More

COVID business recovery reforms

The Morrison Government will undertake the biggest reforms of Australia’s insolvency framework in 30 years as part of an economic recovery plan to keep businesses in business and Australians in… Read More


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$200 m to build on jobs creation

by Jack McKay in an exclusive report in The Sunday Mail, 26th July, 2020 Hundreds of millions of dollars will be splashed on a new state government infrastructure fund to… Read More

Mars Concrete

Outer space colonization is not just a movie plot anymore. Step by step a whole machinery is being developed around a concept that may be closer than we think. 3D… Read More

Breaking News…

Building Recovery Forecast The downturn in the Australian building sector will bottom out this financial year with Queensland forecast to play a major role in the recovery. Leading building market… Read More

A New Partnership …

The market innovative LowRider Frameless Mixer from Cesco mounted on the sturdy platform of the Mack Metroliner. The LowRider gives the astute Agi operator unique safety & operating advances as well as a… Read More

The Economix Semi Agitator

Economix has been supplying concrete to commercial, industrial and residential customers in Victoria for over 30 years. Concrete is not the only game in town for this diverse company –… Read More