Introducing the WEIGHT$AVER by Cesco Australia, the Market Leader


Cesco Australia limited is proud to release to the Australian market our NEW 7.6m3 WEIGHT$AVER mixer.

After consulting with our customers and during that process receiving constructive input, finding out what your exact needs are and then focusing on just how we would achieve a successful outcome for all. A continuous improvement project was initiated approximately 18 months ago. The Continuous Improvement Team at Cesco Australia was formed and tasked with 3 main requests for our customers – “Lighter” “Lower” and more “Durable” hence the industry first WEIGHT$AVER mixer was developed.  This project has been a joint collaboration between Cesco Australia, its customers and suppliers all working closely together to maximise the benefit to the industry and you the end user.

The results have seen the mixer weight reduced by a massive 350 kg approximately 10% on our standard 7.5m3 load master mixer series which equates to .15m3 extra payload.  In the past, most weight reduction results achieved have come at a price – those being through quality, structural integrity and/or performance longevity. The WEIGHT$AVER has been developed with all these obstacles and challenges in mind and is proving itself in the field.


Essential to the weight saving and efficiency gain of the WEIGHT$AVER Cesco Australia has partnered with ZF Australia to introduce the new ZF CML range of gearboxes into the Australian Market after extensive trials in Europe and America.

The CML range of Gear boxes are:

  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Shorter
  • Quieter
  • More efficient
  • Tougher

Another benefit of the CML range of gear boxes is their unique gearbox ratio coupled with a larger pump, this only requires the truck to Rev at 1400 PRM to achieve the 16 to 18 barrel RPM to meet the Australian Standard. This outcome of reduced revving not only preserves the hydraulics, mixer drive gearbox and truck engine, it represents a major benefit to the operator delivering a 22% efficiency saving when loading and slumping.


How did we increase the barrel and blade componentry life, yet make it lighter. The Barrel skin along with Cesco Australia’s unique pressed blades system, are now developed and formed from lighter, harder wearing steel, increasing lifetime and reducing weight. With the SSAB designed and Engineered steel Hardox, and a sizeable investment by Cesco Australia in a large capacity press, heavy duty dies, associated equipment required to developed and incorporated this toughened steel and exhausted welding tests all to complement our barrel design. The combination of all this has allowed Cesco Australia achieve an increase in your barrel life, at the same time keeping our structural integrity and significantly reducing our weight.  Using the only joggle join system in Australia gives Cesco Australia the competitive advantage, using the thinner Hardox steel without comprising the structural reliability customers have come to expect from the unique Cesco design. The joggle design allows the midsection skin to overlap on the inside of both the cones, allowing for doubling on barrel skin at the joins and also protecting against wear caused from the breaking down of metallurgy properties of the Toughened steel as a result of the welding process. The unique sub arc welding process used in this stage of barrel manufacture complements the whole process.  It is estimated that the toughened, harder-wearing steel, although 1mm thinner than steel used currently, will have at least a 30% better life than current mixer barrels being used in the market place.


The WEIGHT$AVER mixer is also lower and more durable, our Engineering team have achieved this has by reducing the RHS sizing from 100mm x 100mm RHS to 100mm x 75mm RHS. A height reduction is 25mm, and the durability has been increased after a series of FEA tests proved by reducing from 100mm to 75mm was acceptable, but would require the use of a higher grade of steel than we are currently using. FEA was complete and units have been on trial for over 6 months now with no reported issues.

Cesco’s Mission Statement has been the driving point for this innovation.


Cesco Australia’s VISION is to be a strong, diverse supply and service Company. To be strong means providing products with outstanding quality with technical and service support.

We are driven to providing Quality products, technical and management services for our customers. This will be achieved by supporting a team steadfast to providing exceptional customer service. We will provide the timely delivery of products whose performance is in accordance with our tradition of supplying the highest quality.


We succeed through satisfied customers.

We deliver to the highest quality.

We use Technology and innovation to develop market leadership.

We will keep with continuous improvement.

We value our people.

We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen.

We will triumph by continuing to be the market leader with innovative, reliable, quality products delivered on time through our global supply chain.

Our continuous improvement strategies will provide excellent worth to our customers and enable us to exceed their expectations in product, performance, customer and service support through our national network.

Gary Webster
Managing Director
Cesco Australia Limited