Mini Pile Driver

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Introducing the newest member to the Cesco family

Designed specifically for Solar Farm Panel installation the Mini Pile driver is a compact and versatile machine. The Mini Pile Driver is a track mounted pile driving unit capable of driving I-beam, H-beam, RHS and tube. With a maximum length of 5m and up to 3.5m embedment.

The Mini Pile Driver is also capable of auger drilling up to 300mm diameter and 3m depth, it can also drive screw piles to a maximum depth of 3.5m.

  • Speedy install rates
  • Suitable for sites with limited space and access restrictions
  • Minimal disturbance and vibration for existing structures

Advantages of the Mini Pile Driver

  • Rugged design and high strength materials prolong Borer Pole and Borer Pole Cap life
  • Guide rail equipped with double row chain for added safety
  • Easy and smooth operation through high quality valves
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We work to bring you the best solutions, if you need more information on the Mini Pile Driver contact

Clay Hulands
Ph: 0448757254

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