At Cesco, we just don’t pay lip service to achieving Continuous Improvement – we actively pursue it…

Cesco Australia’s latest Continuous Improvement Project has indeed delivered  a “FANTASTIC RESULT”. It has “CHANGED THE INDUSTRY”. It has been seen as “INNOVATIVE” and “GAME CHANGING”. “A TRULY GROUND BREAKING ACHIEVEMENT”.

These are just some of the responses we’ve fielded from our customers that describe the improvements the CESCO team have been able to design, test, trial and successfully deliver to the industry – “our customers” in just the last 12 to 18 months.

Innovation and research is at the heart of Cesco Australia’s commitment to the industry. We live a culture to continually pursue engineering excellence that has again paid dividends for our customers. The Cesco mantra of innovation in engineering excellence has established a proud history that we carry through on recent-past projects and incorporate in our future-planning for projects. We are immensely proud of what we have successfully delivered to our customers with innovative, unmatched products that exceed and will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. Importantly providing them with substantial “Return On Investment” along with accompanying advanced, engineered outcomes and positive bottom-line results.



Cesco Australia’s VISION is to be a strong diverse supply and service Company. To be strong means providing products with outstanding quality with technical and service support.


We are driven to providing Quality products, technical and management services to our customers. This will be done by supporting a team steadfast to providing exceptional customer service. We will provide the timely delivery of products whose performance is in accordance with our tradition of supplying the highest quality.


We succeed through satisfied customers.

We deliver to the highest quality.

We use Technology and innovation to develop market leadership.

We will keep with continuous improvement.

We value our people.

We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen.


We will triumph by continuing to be the market leader with innovative, reliable, quality products – examples of some of our game-changing products listed below. We will deliver on time through our global supply chain. Our continuous improvement strategies will provide excellent worth to our customers and enable us to exceed their expectations in product, performance, customer and service support through our national network.

The group maintains a strong culture of continuous engineering development and training for its technical team and adopts the most advanced methods and tools in design and manufacturing.

In consolidation with our group’s wide range of expertise in mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, automation and precision engineering, Cesco Australia is integrated with a very solid and sustainable engineering foundation. Further, the globally recognised ISO 9001 quality accreditation is evident throughout the entire company, from administration, manufacturing to engineering, sales and customer service.

With countless years experience supplying and servicing the construction, agricultural and mining industry, Cesco has developed solutions for handling products from concrete, grain, fertiliser, animal feeds, pulverised fly ash. If your company has a special use mixing application, Cesco Australia is always willing to design and build custom-made units to suit your requirement.

Please contact our team to see for yourself what products Cesco Australia have introduced that is changing the industry.

  • Steerable Trailer Mixers.
  • Weight$aver Mixer range.
  • Low profile Frameless Mixer range.
  • Stainless Steel Mixers complete.
  • Hard wearing light weight steel

For more details of our innovative products range, visit our website or call 13000 CESCO.


Gary Webster
Managing Director