Cesco – Unique in Mixers

cesco-2017-02-1For over 50 years Cesco has been leading the way in the design, manufacture and supply of concrete mixers, servicing the Australia and New Zealand markets and supporting clients’ mixer fleets for the most recognizable names in the Australasian markets.

cesco-2017-02-2Since Cesco Australia Limited purchased the business from Southcorp/Rheem in 1996, we have continued our unstinting commitment to innovation, continuous improvement and quality. Our manufacturing designs are ISO 9001 Quality endorsed systems. This ensures that you our customer, will always have the latest technology and best design applied in the products we supply to you.

Engineering Innovation & Design is the Cesco mantra

Innovation and research are pivotal for Cesco’s commitment and culture to pursuit engineering excellence. As a proud part of our history, Cesco innovation is the key driving force to continuously develop premium products to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. The in-house engineering department utilises the latest 3D CAD design systems, while Cesco’s specialised teams work closely with every client, to ensure the design, fabrication and commissioning to the highest standard and deliver the optimal solution to the customers.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams have produced the finest concrete mixers for more than 3 decades, working closely with venture and project partners to incorporate the latest design technology in our ground-breaking Weight-$aver and Trailer Mixer recent releases to the construction industry. Soon to come in 2017 – the unrivaled Frameless Mixer.

Mix Uniformity Guaranteed by Cesco’s unique barrel and blade design

The Cesco difference in Barrel technology is applying Quality Assured production processes and ongoing technological enhancements and improvements around the mixer barrel. This allows our mixers to consistently produce uniformity of mix, whatever the slump requirement. Our quality design and manufacturing processes makes this mix consistency possible through utilising joggle joint seam in the barrel with a fillet weld, make it considerably stronger than the normal butt welded joint.
Cesco Australia’s most impressive competitive advantage is its world-first pressed blade system design. Inclusive of 8 specific blade segments to complete the unique blade system, it provides a precise pitch and spiral to meet the toughest specifications and achieve efficient mixer quality. We can guarantee mix uniformity up to 50mm slump.

Manufactured to meet the Australian Standard AS 1379-1991 for mix uniformity, the blade system is approved by NATA laboratories for uniformity of mix. This system can also be retro-fitted to meet the same standard.

It is this guarantee of uniformity of mix that makes Cesco the preferred mixer for high specification projects such as highway bypasses, airport runways, dams, tunnels, high rise buildings and bridge projects.

We stock an extensive range of concrete mixer spare parts available for Mixer Units of all types and manufacture – from manually operated systems to electronic remote control. Just ring for a part solution to the toughest problem. We will minimize your truck’s downtime and you will also have the added benefit of our service department that can carry out repairs with a quick turn-around and provide the technical advice that you need.

Cesco’s entire range of mixers is manufactured in jigs and dedicated fixtures, to ensure the consistent quality. It also guarantees the replacement components are manufactured to the same innovative design and dimensions as the original quality product, which allows for easy retrofitting and ongoing maintenance.

Cesco Australia Limited plans for growth and diversification are ever-evolving, with now the establishment of Cesco Equipment Pty Ltd see us having involvement with divisions such as Blovac, Deep Foundation Equipment and Kerbmaker.

Cesco’s part in Australian Concreting History

Cesco Australia traces its rich history in the Concrete industry right back to Fowler Wood, Fowler Rex, Challenge Cook and through companies like Howard Engineering, Forbes Engineering and Rheem Australia. Just as we have been a part of the nation’s construction history, we have a major part to play in building our nation, and others around the world, throughout the 21st Century.

The pre-mixed concrete industry arrived in Australia at about the start of World War Two. Cesco Australia can trace its lineage through mergers and acquisitions right back to those heady days of innovation in meeting the demands of a new and thriving nation.


Tumble Bug

In 1939 the first Australian Premixed plant opened at Glebe Island Sydney. The plant used a ‘Rex’ 3-cubic-yard central mixer called a ‘Tumblebug’. The Tumblebug couldn’t mix concrete and could only agitate in transit.


Inclined Mixer

By 1944, inclined drum mixers appeared with a 2.5-cubic-yard capacity.


Transit Mixer

In 1946 Fowler Wood Engineering produced the first transit mixer a 3-cubic-yard open mouth discharge model.

In 1952 Moorfield Engineering of Sydney built the first Challenge 6-cubic-yard machine.


The Snowy Mountains hydroelectricity and irrigation scheme which began on 17 October 1949, was a massive construction undertaking, the likes of which have never before been seen in this country. The Snowy Mountains scheme proved a major opportunity for Australian innovation to excel in the design and manufacture of Truck Mixers, with feats never achieved before anywhere in the world, such as:

  • Efficiently handling low slump concrete
  • Widening the drum mouth for fast charging and discharging
  • Mixing concrete uniformly meeting the most exacting standards, and
  • Using transit Mixers as Central Mixers on major civil constructions.

In fact, the Cesco unique blade design and presses were perfected from the extensive research and development work undertaken during the Snowy Mountains project.

Cesco maintains a strong culture of continuous engineering development and training for its technical team and adopts the most advanced methods and tools in design and manufacturing. In consolidation with our group’s wide range of expertise in mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, automation and precision engineering, Cesco Australia is integrated with a very solid and sustainable engineering foundation. Further, the globally recognised ISO 9001 quality accreditation is evident throughout the entire company, from administration, manufacturing to engineering, sales and customer service.

In the concrete mixer sector, the Cesco innovation represents a turning point for the construction history and help to meet the building demands of a dynamic and thriving nation. For over 50 years engineering innovation, Cesco has contributed to the most memorable design improvement in concrete mixer industry, which stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

With many years experience supplying and servicing the construction, agricultural and mining industry, Cesco has also developed solutions for handling products from concrete, grain, fertiliser, animal feeds, pulverised fly ash, through to quarry products, lime and ordinary Portland cement. If your company has a special use mixing application, Cesco Australia is always willing to design and build custom-made units to suit your requirement.

Cesco Australia Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zicom Group Limited and we are currently listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ZGL).

For more details of our innovative products range, please visit the products section or call 13000 CESCO.

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