Cesco Australia Limited “SUPA MAXI”


Cesco Australia Limited is the leading supplier of concrete mixers and servicing in Australia, producing, servicing and supporting our mixer fleet for the most recognizable names in the Australian and New Zealand markets. For over 50 years, the Cesco Engineering and manufacturing team has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of concrete mixers, stationary mixers and associated products for the concrete, extractive and material handling industries.

Innovation and research are pivotal for Cesco’s commitment and culture in the pursuit of engineering excellence. As a proud part of our history, Cesco innovation is the key driving force to continuously develop premium products to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. The in-house engineering department utilises the latest Solid modelling design systems, while Cesco’s specialised teams work closely with every client, to ensure the design, fabrication and commissioning to the highest standard and deliver the optimal solution to the customers.

In 2013 Cesco Australia Limited [CAL] and Bulk Transport Equipment [BTE] and Hanson Construction materials collaborated to supply an Australian first “SUPA MAXI” with steerable rear axles. With CAL’s concrete agitator experience and BTE’s Trailer design and development experience both companies were able to create the Steerable “SUPA MAXI”. BTE collaborated with Dutch company Vehicle Systems Engineering (VSE) and suspension specialist SAF Holland which all parties challenged themselves and a new kind of concrete mixer in the form of an articulated semi-trailer was developed the “SUPA MAXI”.

The first unit was delivered to Hanson in August 2014 and now we have 50 + units Australia wide.

The “SUPA MAXI” has a capacity of carrying 11.5m3 depending on local axle mass limits. The mixer unit comes with the new ZF CML 12 gearbox which is another first in Australia. The CML (Concrete Mixer Lowspeed) gearbox is smaller and lighter owing to its unique design. The CML is tougher, quieter, due to its Elastomer base this provides acoustic and mechanical decoupling of drum and trailer frame. The Elastomer base also absorbs shock and vibration isolation and is resistant against all conventional cleaning agents. The CML has a high strength housing which allows for compact design. The heavy duty dual race out bearing design provides increased lifetime, with this design the gearbox no longer has to cope with oscillation. Two taper roller bearings replace single self-aligning roller bearing used in previous generation gearboxes, the taper roller bearings are less sensitive to adverse off road operations and 38% stronger than the self-aligning roller bearing they replace. The advantages of the new ZF CML range

  • Significant weight reduction at the gearbox.
  • Less sensibility because of new tough output bearing
  • Noise reduction via the elastomer unit
  • Vibration absorption via the elastomer
  • Reduced maintenance because of lifetime oil fill
  • Reduced running costs because of the lower engine RPM required (fuel saving of up to 0,5 l/operating hour)

Quick release hydraulic hose couplings allow the prime mover to be utilized to maximum capacity. A 300ltr water tank, extra-large capacity hydraulic oil reservoir, piggy back hydraulic pump, dual water hoses at the rear, a 14” LED light bar, side access ladders, rear hand rails, Cesco’s unique engineered dual roller bracket system with heavy duty light weight nylon rollers. Cesco have also developed a remote swivel chute clamp operation switch, which all complement the “SUPA MAXI” and make it a pleasure and easy to operate.

The unique trailer design also has a front axle lift function that then allows the two rear axles to turn up to 32o in either direction all based on the Ackerman principle. This is achieved by VSE ability to sense the angle of oscillation between truck and trailer via a sensor in the king pin and send an electrical signal to each axle to turn, making the maneuverability of the Semi-trailer more efficient than both 8 wheeler and 10 wheeler ridge trucks. The ability of the rear axle to steer increases the tyre and bearing life of the wheels and axles. The trailer also requires less repairs and maintenance which are all part of the units ability to provide long term savings and a good return on investment (ROI).

In the concrete mixer sector, the Cesco innovation represents a turning point for the construction history as we help to meet the building demands of a dynamic and thriving nation. For over 50 years engineering innovation, Cesco has contributed to the most memorable design improvement in concrete mixer industry, which proudly has us stand head and shoulders above our competitors.

Gary Webster
Managing Director
Cesco Australia Limited

Download SUPA MAXI Specifications PDF