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Waste glass in concrete could be used for construction

By Sustainability Matters Staff Monday, 21 August, 2017 In the wake of the now infamous Four Corners report on the state of Australia’s glass recycling industry, University of Melbourne researchers have announced their work incorporating waste glass into prefabricated concrete structures. The researchers claim that finely ground recycled glass in concrete is a viable replacement for sand and existing supplementary… Read More

July 17 shows fastest monthly spike in construction activity for the last twelve years

Latest statistics point to fast growth in the construction sector off-setting to a degree the general wind-down in the resources sector. Read the story at Construction across Australia has expanded at its fastest ever pace and is now at its highest level since the Ai Group began releasing the Performance of Construction Index (PCI) in September 2005. According to… Read More

The “Low Rider” launched to the Australian market

Late June, 2017 represented a milestone event for Cesco Australia with the first live display of the Frameless 7.6m3 ”Low Rider” Mixer to the industry – launched in conjunction with our design partners, into the WA market. The unit was displayed to our Perth-based customers in conjunction with Truck Centre Western Australia (Mack). The expressions of interest and feedback was… Read More

CESCO Australia setting a solid foundation

Did you know that CESCO Australia Limited (CAL) is also heavily involved in the civil works segment of the industry. Our company’s specialization extends heavily into civil engineering, foundation drilling and projects works. Cesco Deep Foundation Equipment (CDFE) has been an integral part of CAL – approaching 10 years young. You may also know that CAL is the leading supplier of… Read More

Spotlight On Innovation

Improving productivity, safety or efficiency in processes by implementing a simple change is any business’s dream. Diesel Editor Tim Giles finds that small innovations can result in big gains. Its true that some innovations come from pure inspiration. An idea pops into an engineer’s head and, with a little experimentation, the practicality – or otherwise – of the idea can… Read More

Cementing Going Green

One of the most intriguing advances in reducing the cement industry’s carbon footprint was publicised at the recent Con/Agg Expo just held in Las Vegas, USA. The following posting on Conn/Agg’s website* together with findings below in an article from the Grand View Research website** on the subject; details the progress of greening advances in the global industry – with… Read More

At Cesco, we just don’t pay lip service to achieving Continuous Improvement – we actively pursue it…

Cesco Australia’s latest Continuous Improvement Project has indeed delivered  a “FANTASTIC RESULT”. It has “CHANGED THE INDUSTRY”. It has been seen as “INNOVATIVE” and “GAME CHANGING”. “A TRULY GROUND BREAKING ACHIEVEMENT”. These are just some of the responses we’ve fielded from our customers that describe the improvements the CESCO team have been able to design, test, trial and successfully deliver… Read More

Cesco – Unique in Mixers

For over 50 years Cesco has been leading the way in the design, manufacture and supply of concrete mixers, servicing the Australia and New Zealand markets and supporting clients’ mixer fleets for the most recognizable names in the Australasian markets. Since Cesco Australia Limited purchased the business from Southcorp/Rheem in 1996, we have continued our unstinting commitment to innovation, continuous… Read More

Cesco Australia Limited “SUPA MAXI”

Cesco Australia Limited is the leading supplier of concrete mixers and servicing in Australia, producing, servicing and supporting our mixer fleet for the most recognizable names in the Australian and New Zealand markets. For over 50 years, the Cesco Engineering and manufacturing team has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of concrete mixers, stationary mixers and associated… Read More