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Pantheonpic Mar23

Concrete Industry Innovations

The Romans may have mastered the use of concrete over 2,000 years ago (just take a look at the Pantheon in Rome), but that doesn’t mean it’s the same type… Read More

Qld. Hydro Scheme Projection

True hydro cost in the balance

$12bn ‘indicative’, taxpayers in dark The Queensland government has pegged its massive new pumped hydro scheme west of Mackay at $12bn, but the man in charge of guiding the project… Read More

Semi Detachable Complete with PM

Issue 4 – The Semi-Detachable

This month we continue the story of the Concrete Transit Mixer in Australia – this time in the present 2021 setting. From the 1990’s Cesco Australia Ltd (CAL) had been… Read More


$200 m to build on jobs creation

by Jack McKay in an exclusive report in The Sunday Mail, 26th July, 2020 Hundreds of millions of dollars will be splashed on a new state government infrastructure fund to… Read More