Retrofit 2003 Mack Concrete Truck Agitator

Mr Electric of Newcastle became involved in the following retrofit of a new agitator into a 2003 Mack concrete truck purely by accident.

Whilst attending to contracted work at Newcastle Ready Mix Pty Ltd, I was brought into a conversation regarding a broken concrete truck and asked if I might look at it and to see if I might have a solution.

Problem – the controls for the agitator were burnt out thus rendering the truck unusable. A new agitator control panel would have to be installed.

Newcastle Ready Mix contacted the company that originally fitted the agitator controls into the truck, with little satisfaction. They provided an estimate quote that was perceived as costly and gave no guarantees that it was a solution. The customer service was not helpful or friendly in any way.

At this time, I became involved and did a little research of my own which led me to discover and contact CESCO Australia – Brian Tracey.

I have found their customer service to be prompt, professional and supportive and no question was left unanswered.

CESCO Australia did not only supply the necessary part (and at a more affordable cost), I was able to contact Brian and communicate with their team who aided at every level.

Comment by Cesco – At the beginning of the project, an Installation Manual was supplied to Nigel to assist with installation of the full Woodtech system. Also at this stage of implementation of installation through to commissioning, our Electrician assisted Nigel of Mr. Electric with questions and issues that were additional to that covered by the Installation Manual and also those that individually presented in the course of installation of new electrical control system into an old truck.

Whilst this exercise has taken a little extra time to implement (that is to marry the old with the new) – it has proven not to be impossible and may have progressed faster if there had been accurate diagrams and information supplied in relation to the aging vehicle.

Mr Electric of Newcastle has successfully installed and commissioned a new Remote Control system into a 2003 Mack concrete mixer thus turning an unusable truck into a productive vehicle once more.

supplied by Nigel Hooper of Mr. Electric, Newcastle